University of Wisconsin-Madison (2019-2022)

Math 552: Elementary Geometry and Algebraic Topology Course Homepage Student Evaluations (Spring 2022)

Math 221: Calculus 1 Syllabus  Student Evaluations (Fall 2020) Student Evaluations (Fall 2021)

Math 340: Elementary Linear Algebra Syllabus  Student Evaluations (Spring 2020)

Math 551: Topology 1 Syllabus Student Evaluations (Spring 2020) , Student Evaluations (Spring 2021)

Math 521: Analysis 1 Syllabus Student Evaluations (Fall 2019) , Student Evaluations (Spring 2021)

Northeastern University (2014-2019)

Math 1231: Calculus 1 for Business and Economics.   Syllabus   Student Evaluations (Fall 2014)  Student Evaluations (Summer 2017)

Math 1213: Interactive Mathematics.   Syllabus   Student Evaluations (Fall 2015)   Student Evaluations (Fall 2016)

Math 1251: Calculus and Differential Equations for Biology 1.   Syllabus   Student Evaluations (Spring 2016)

Math 1342: Calculus 2 for Science and Engineering. Syllabus Student Evaluations (Spring 2018)

Here are just a few of my favorite student evaluations over the years:

  • “Bri is a great teacher, incredibly intelligent, almost always overly passionate about what he’s teaching (like he literally loves math which is terrifying), always willing to go back and review for those who don’t understand, and never got upset with us. I can only imagine how tough it is to be a Grad student and teach at the same time, but he never let it show. Best math teacher I’ve ever had, just hoping he teaches Calc 2.” —from Math 1251, Spring 2016.
  • “Big daddy Bri is the man! If we were lost at sea and our rations were running low, there is not a single other steady hand I would want on the wheel than Brian’s. If we were stuck in the trenches of world war one, fighting off the enemy and rats, the only commander I would trust is Bri Guy. I think it is for these reasons that Brian was so effective at guiding us all through the troubled waters of spring semester 2020. Brian is like the cool professor in the disaster movies who knows whats up, but no one listens to him because he always has chalk on on his pants. I can’t not recommend any other single professor more than I can recommend Brian Hepler!” –from Math 340, Spring 2020.
  • “Brian is hands down my favorite math prof so far. He genuinely wants all of us to succeed and cares A LOT about making math accessible. If you ask questions and show up, he will go the extra mile for you. Awesome dude.” –from Math 552, Spring 2022

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