“The” Milnor Fibration: Classical Case

Where were we?   We had just equated the “innocent” question   “How does ‘sit inside’ at ?”     with the more precise(ish)   “How is the real link of at 0 embedded in ?”   Milnor’s genius idea was to realize the complement, , as the total space of a smooth, locally trivialContinue reading ““The” Milnor Fibration: Classical Case”

“The” Milnor Fibration, and Why-You-Should-Care.

I’m back!  After a long period of laziness, I’m back.  Mainly, because the past week, I’ve been kicking myself in the ass for losing basically all my notes over the past few months, and I have to present at the math department’s new seminar in singularity theory.  Aren’t I smart? The topic?  A really usefulContinue reading ““The” Milnor Fibration, and Why-You-Should-Care.”